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Nowadays many models of types of sofas bed and puffs bed exist in the market. Today we will explain what type of sofa bed is the most appropriate for each client.

The sofa bed manufacturers have been able to adapt to the needs and tastes of the customer and have been adding to their model’s functionalities that make them more practical and comfortable.

Types of sofa beds

Sofa bed with double bed

Currently, it is the model that most sells, but there are many models to choose from:

Sofa bed with system

Ester type of sofa bed is characterized by using resistant mechanisms and its easy use.

It is a sofa bed with a large mattress in which two people can sleep.

They suffer a greater deterioration by “the sitting” daily: our body rests on the same surface that will be used to lie down, thus reducing its comfort and durability.

The great advantage is that they tend to be cheaper than other systems.

You can choose 3 types of mattresses offering more comfort to the sofa bed:

Foam mattress: Sofa beds use foam mattresses 12 cm thick and 25 kg density.

Viscoelastic mattress that provides an adaptive and ergonomic rest, avoiding the pressure points in the body of the person who sleeps

Spring mattress that is the best-selling on the market, being the rest system with more years.

Sofa bed with 2 single beds

This type of sofa bed has the particularity of having two single beds in the same sofa bed, that way you avoid sharing the bed. In this type of sofa beds, you can also choose the model of mattress that best suits your needs, being the mattress the most recommended to be manufactured with the best technology today

Sofa bed with Chaise Longue

If our living room invites to a distribution like that, for aesthetics, or because we are comfortable, the chaise longue allow us to acquire a posture of semi-lying on the sofa, having the legs fully stretched and thus rested.

These types of sofa beds usually have a full sleeper sofa and a chaise longue that may well be a chest for storage or a bed.

Sofa beds with Italian opening system

We came across the Italian pull-out sofas. These are usually the best since in them the mattress is only used as a rest surface while you sleep and do not receive the direct weight of our body. When you’re sitting your weight rests on some independent cushions usually made of high-quality foam material.

Sofa bed trundle

It is a set of two beds inside the sofa bed. One of the beds is collected folded under the other. It is a way to make much of the available space. It is perfect for beach or mountain apartments for your comfort.

The sofa bed nest is very suitable for small homes, are comfortable and practical to use.

It is the best value for money option, perfect for an unexpected visit. It is a pull-out pouf with wooden slatted mattress and high-quality foam mattress .. with removable cover with many colors to choose. Currently, Lluesma has a range of bed puff size 180 x 80 cm. which you can buy at the online shop.

You also have the option to choose a larger 190 x 90 cm pouf. Or a pouf 135 cm double folding bed, perfect for an unexpected couple.

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Box Spring

A Box Spring is a bed that is composed of a base and a separate mattress, so it provides excellent support at the time of rest.

The base of the Box Spring contains springs that can be: Bonell, trapezoidal, continuous spira, pocket, among others; each of them allows an easy adaptation to the body and to the movement of the person. This base is usually attached to a metal cart that can finish with two, four or even eight wheels facilitating its movement.

The mattress can also use different types of springs, which will make it more firm or soft. In addition, some Box Spring has a split base which facilitates their mobility at the time of transport.

American bed

A cheap American bed is firmer since the base is a structure of wood and not of springs. This gives greater stability when sleeping. The American Bed is a resting system that keeps the back straight, due to its rigidity. In addition, some American beds have a split base which facilitates their mobility at the time of transport.

What is the difference between a Box Spring and an American bed?


The American Bed offers the option of 1.9 meters long or 2 meters.

The Box Spring models are 2 meters long.

Structure of the base:

The American Bed has a base constructed entirely by a rigid structure of wood, which gives a support of greater firmness under the mattress.

The base of the Box Spring has a structure of wood with springs type Bonell, trapezoidal, continuous spire, etc.

Different types of Box Spring Base:

Soft: base with soft springs that provides cushioning and additional softness.

Firm: base with a semi-rigid steel structure that gives an extra feeling of firmness when sleeping.

5 zones: base with zigzag springs in 5 different support zones.

When you want to choose between a Box Spring or Americana Bed, notice the following:

  • Sleeping in a Box Spring is not sleeping on two mattresses: the base is the complement of the mattress for a perfect break.
  • An American Bed is a resting system with a rigid wooden base, which allows you to give more firmness to your back.
  • A Box Spring has more durability than an American Bed.
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While we are more active during the day, when the sun goes down it is normal for many of us to go to bed to rest. According to some studies, the human being spends at least 25 years of his life sleeping, a rather curious fact that leads us to have to find a comfortable place where we can sleep in total comfort to wake up with sufficient energy.

Types of beds

And that comfortable place may be the different types of beds that exist. While for some a small bed is much more attractive, others need much larger sizes. All this depends on the ways of sleeping of each one.
If we enter a store where they have a wide variety of beds, we can notice that there are different types of beds. The characteristics of the beds can vary depending on their height or size since some are made for one or two people.

What types of beds can we find?

King Size Bed
If we talk about luxuries in the world of beds, the King Size is the most you can ask for. Usually, we find them in the most luxurious hotels in the world, although they are also bought by people who have the necessary resources to buy it.

Queen Size Bed
Those looking to spend a good amount of money on a bed, but not as expensive as a King Size, can opt for the Queen Size. This bed has an admirable size (between 1.75 cm wide and 1.90 cm long), although it is not as big as the first on our list.

Single or Twin bed
Maybe it’s the kind of cheap bed that would suit a person who does not have so much space in their room. The single bed is characterized by having a width that is between 80 and 90 centimeters, which is ideal for the reduced areas.
Although not very wide if we compare it with a King Size, what if it is worth to emphasize is that a single bed possesses a side that can be of 1.80, 1.90 or two meters, which makes them suitable for people of any stature (unless you are a basketball player more than two meters).

Double or twin bed
Sleeping next to a person can become a nuisance if you do not have the space required. For these cases, there is the double or matrimonial bed, which is usually a great alternative for our pockets.

A double bed usually has a length of between 1.90 and 2 meters, which is the most common. With respect to its width, can have several variants, since everything depends on the taste or space that your buyers need.
Regardless of the type of bed, each bed must fulfill its function.

To sleep comfortably, it is not enough just to have a spacious place where we can lie down. A large part of this weight falls on the type of mattress that is being used. While some of these .are quite comfortable and soft, others that are much more rigid have to cause us some physical symptoms like back pain.

If after waking from a long nap you still feel tired, with pain or some kind of allergy, chances are that the cause of all this can be your mattress, so you should consider buying one.

Of course, the size of the mattress depends on the size of the bed you have, which can vary depending on the type.

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The King Size bed is more comfortable than the usual double bed, 135 cm. This model is larger and wider, its usual dimensions are around 193 × 203 cm in the United States and 180/200 × 200 cm in Europe, although it may vary by country and you can find cheap King size beds in online stores like Amazon or in thrift stores. When sleeping on a mattress of this size we have an extra space that allows greater mobility to achieve a quality sleep.

The King Size bed model is recommended for couples who want to get an optimal rest having their own space. It is also suitable for people of large composition and those who have a tendency to move much during sleep. It is also advisable to use them with children, so that they share unforgettable moments with their parents in the same bed, without the rest of any family member being interrupted by the little space.

We recommend the King Size bed for those looking for extra comfort. To sleep well, it is vital to have a quality bed with a mattress suitable for falling asleep. That’s why we work with the best international brands that allow us to elaborate mattresses and beds with different designs to suit the personal tastes of each client.

The comfort is guaranteed if we sleep in a King Size bed, a model that allows a quality break. Sleeping is one of the greatest pleasures of this world, and if we do it in a big bed like this, it becomes a luxury for our senses.

However, King Size beds are not suitable for all audiences since, due to their large dimensions, they should be placed in large rooms, being their usual use in luxury hotels and chalets. For these cases is her sister, the Queen Size bed, 152 × 203 cm in the United States and Europe usually 150/160 × 200 cm. Its measures make it a worthy candidate to replace the King Size bed, if what we want is a large bed but not sacrifice all the space in the bedroom.

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Tips for choosing a cheap bed Bristol




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The bed is undoubtedly the most important furniture in the bedroom and even, for some, the whole house. Above all, it serves to provide support to the body during sleep and rest. Therefore, the bed must provide:

-Space so that we can support the whole body effectively giving a sense of security and comfort.

– Adequate support allowing you to adopt a relaxed posture in which the muscles and spine recover from the tensions accumulated during the day.

– Appropriate surface to carry out the changes of posture that occur both in the incorporation as in the rotations of the body to reduce the temperature or to relieve the pressure.

– Easy access, allowing moving from the standing position to the lying position, using the posture seated as an intermediate.

To select the best bed, consider who will use it first. The following checks can then be made:

-A wide bed, guaranteed comfort

– When selecting the bed, check that it is wide enough to ensure the comfort of the people who will use it.

-When you try it you must observe that lying down you can turn without problems and that there is space above the head and below the feet. Double beds should fit two people.

-Touch, move and stretch your neck and feet, there must be space of mattress both above the head and below the feet (at least a span). Turn the body to one side and another and make sure there is enough space left over so that you do not “run out of a mattress”.

Recommended dimensions

For single beds, it is advisable to have a width of between 90 and 110 cm, while for double beds the appropriate width is between 135 cm and 150 cm.

-The length should be 2 m for an adult male.

-In the case of beds for adults, a length of 1.90 cm is sufficient.

-If they are children’s beds, it depends on the age and size of the child. You can find this information in the area of ​​children’s furniture.

-Check that the height of the bed is adequate

-To make the chosen bed comfortable and there is no difficulty entering and leaving it, the recommended height is 35 cm to 40 cm.

-In case the bed is for seniors or people with reduced mobility, the height must oscillate between 50 cm and 55 cm. In this case, keep in mind that you should also provide comfort to the possible assistant so that you do not have to squat excessively.

Under the bed, do we have enough space?

It is important that under the bed there is a minimum height of 30 cm so that cleaning tasks or the approach maneuver to a person lying down are easy and comfortable.

-It is recommended that the bed has head and foot. They will be supportive when we go to bed or move.

-These should have a sturdy anchorage and rounded shapes. The headboards can be detachable or fixed to the wall. Check which of the two best suits your needs.


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What mattresses put in a cheap double nest bed Leeds




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The nest bed is undoubtedly the most used element in the rooms of the youngest. It is a piece of furniture that, besides adding everything necessary for the rest of the children, provides great versatility thanks to the fact that it usually has drawers for storage, occupy little space and, depending on the model, can also act as a sofa. That is pure and hard functionality.

What is a Double Nest bed?

The double nest bed is that which has under the main bed, another bed and, in some cases also drawers, but unlike the bunk, occupies the same space that would occupy a conventional bed (not more than 55 centimeters in height).

The lower bed or trailing bed remains concealed during the day and is manually deployed by means of a wheel system at night to facilitate the second bed.

Types of double nest bed

Roughly, there are two types of double nest beds:

Sommier double beds

The one where we only find the metallic structure of the mattress with legs and a second removable mattress with wheels underneath.

Double bed double furniture

That consists of a structure of wood (or other material) in which the beds are not visible, but they are incorporated into the structure of the bed. These types of beds can also be combined with two or three drawers, as auxiliary storage areas for sheets, pillows, duvets, etc.

In the market, today you will find different structures of double nest bed that, depending on your needs, you will agree one or the other.

When we talk about different structures we refer mainly to the own measures used by the nest bed. It may be that the main bed (the one that remains in view) has a larger size than the “hidden” bed; or on the contrary, that both beds have the same size.

This is a fundamental fact that you must know because it will be the key when choosing the mattresses to put in your double nest bed.

In some models the second bed can be placed at the same height as the main bed, being perfectly placed both and returning to occupy the space of a single bed at the time of disassembly and put it in place.


Types of mattresses to put in a double nest bed

Virtually any mattress can be used to be used in a double nest bed. Logically the materials and qualities of it will condition the comfort it offers. However, special care should be taken to address several factors:


In some models of the double nest bed, the lower bed is smaller in size than the upper bed. This will force us to use two mattresses of different sizes. Take a look before you go to your specialist mattress store.

The height of the mattress

The size of the lower recess of the bed may be greater or less. This will limit the maximum height that our mattress should have (mattresses with a lot of height, they will not fit because they will not fit when we try to save the bed). The usual thing is that the mattress cannot exceed 15 cm in thickness.

On the other hand, certain models of double nest bed are designed so that, once deployed the lower bed, can be placed next to the upper bed in parallel; becoming double queen size bed. In these cases, it is important to respect that both mattresses are of the same model or height so that they are aligned offering a uniform surface.

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What was your bed as a child? Four-legged, you feel like you have to look underneath when you see a scary movie? Or with another bed hidden underneath for visitors? For me, it was all a discovery the bed nest. Now it’s up to us to furnish our children’s room and we’re thinking about it.

We will start with the nest beds, which really are a simple and cheap piece of furniture. In principle its main function is to contain the second bed underneath and as we said before, for unexpected visits go wonderfully.

Although over time have become sophisticated and now you can also find nest beds that in addition to the second bed also include drawers or containers, adding the advantage of having more to more a very useful space to store.

It goes without saying that today’s beautiful designs adapted to today’s interior design make them a very decorative piece of furniture that is very different from those models that one day we were able to sleep as small children.

Other times the bedding is not even used in a room, because of its design, tapestries, decorative cushions, etc., look more like a sofa than a bed. So if you do not have to give it a daily use you can also put them in your living room, expanding the number of beds in your house. It is a very good option if you receive family or friends more than once a year.

Its operation is very simple. The top bed is always ready to use and the bottom one just pull it out and spread the legs to match it in height to the first.

They are very advisable especially when the lower bed is used little or, when by the shape and measures of the room, to use it is necessary to change it, as it is a very light and easy to move the bed.

The usual measures are for a mattress of 180, 190 or 200cm of length by 80, 90 or 105cm of width. The mattress of both beds is just as long, but the beds 105cm wide, usually carry almost all the mattress nest of 90cm. The lower bed supports a height of mattress plus bedding of 15 to 23cm, according to models.

Movable compact beds

In principle, the big difference between the compact beds with movable bed and the trunk beds is that in the movable beds the lower bed is already ready to use only with taking it out. Even in some models, the lower bed is reversible, which provides the comfort of use.

Most of these beds have good-sized unidirectional wheels so they are very easy to move. Pulling the center of the bed up to a small child takes them out easily. Surely you’re already looking at yours trying. For that reason, they are more appropriate than the trundle beds when the two beds are used daily. So if you have twins or two kids who have to share room maybe it would be a good choice. Any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Of course, there are also a great variety of designs, some very beautiful and different measures. And do not forget that they may also have drawers under the lower bed.

There are also models with rotating wheels, but honestly, the models of unidirectional wheels are much easier to use because it is better controlled the movement straight out of the bed, since those with rotating wheels also move sideways. But as always everything will depend on your needs of use of space.

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Cheap beds in Nottingham




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Many times people overlook the size of the queen bed and the quality for the reason that better comfort will cost more. Busy days are accused of sleepless nights and restless and we all know how that affects our mind and health a lot. To get a good night’s sleep you need to stay on the good quality mattress and bed which gives you comfortable and quiet sleep. A cheap queen bed is big enough to give you the necessary personal space and support your body.

Sleep plays an important role in the physical health, long life and emotional well-being of a person. Not being able to get a good night’s sleep affects your mood, judgment, mental and physical ability. Sleeping on large beds will save you from having serious health problems like strokes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, depression, diabetes, etc. Queen beds have good quality foam that delivers sleep and helps you avoid all these diseases and wakes up fresh and energetic the next morning.

Choose the perfect size bed

The size of a bed is very important which is an essential element of life and luxury. The size of the bed is determined by the size of the mattress. A double bed is about 60 cm wide and 80 cm long. It’s the size of the bed is ideal for a couple and more comfortable for one person. While choosing the double mattress measure the size of your room before otherwise the end result will be picking up wrong material and you will not have enough space to change the sheets again. Double beds are perfect for a person with a child six feet tall and long enough for the height of an average person.

The quality of the bed is so important when it comes to reliability. The mattress durability is determined by its quality. Wood is the most common material used in beds, the life of wood determines married life. Nowadays, the beds have metal frames in bronze, copper and other metals that increase the duration of individual mattresses. The prices are high for these beds, but they make your room presentable. You can also visit the different internet stores to get the cheapest mattress online.

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Bed Stores

8 tips to help you buy your cheap bed Sunderland!




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  1. Buy the bed that fits more to your needs.

Looking for a small bed with drawers and storage space for a small room? Or what about a King Size bed, design and a large headboard? Remember that your bed will be the most important piece of furniture in your room, so choose a bed base that goes with the style and size of your bedroom.

  1. Measure your space.

How much space do you have in your room? Decide how big or small your new bed should be for your room.

Measure your room in case you are moving to a new home. You should always contemplate a more or less spacious space on each side of the bed, where you can place some nice bedside tables or other furniture. Mattress measurements may vary. Always measure your mattress before buying your bed so you can use them together.

  1. Buy the correct mattress for your bed.

Having the right mattress for your bed will guarantee a greater durability of your furniture and a better rest at bedtime, as it will support your body properly. Read reviews of different mattress brands before choosing the one that you think is most convenient for you. Do not just get carried away by good brands, listen to recommendations from other people.

Contrary to popular opinions, a mattress, not to be hard/firm, is a good mattress. Whenever a mattress maintains a good support structure, the amount of extra cushioning will be just a matter of preferences.

  1. The best shop to buy your bed.

There are hundreds of places where you can buy your beds. Department stores, large furniture brands, small and medium-sized companies, and even people who are engaged in carpentry and furniture manufacturing in their home.

Many online stores or furniture selling websites offer cheap beds or high discounts when buying, but you should always ask and know the opinions of other buyers before proceeding.

  1. Ready to receive your bed!

Unless you have a large van, you most likely need to have your furniture delivered directly to your home. Usually, there will always be an extra charge for this service, so make sure you know the delivery price before you buy your furniture.


  1. What can you do with your old bed that you do not want?

Now the last part … What to do with your old bed? Some companies offers the service to pick up your old bed when you deliver the new one, ask for this service when you buy. Sometimes this service can have an extra cost.


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Bed Stores

Benefits of cheap articulated beds Kent




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The benefits of sleeping on an articulated bed are numerous. One of the main advantages of articulated beds is that we can adopt an ergonomically correct posture while we sleep. Having a sleeping position that maintains the natural curvature of the spine during sleep, we avoid many discomforts and problems that prevent us to rest deeply. But articulated beds still offer us more benefits.

Why buy an articulated bed?

One disadvantage of traditional beds for optimum rest is their inability to distribute pressure evenly over the entire surface. This increases the tension in the heart, forcing it to work more to provide the oxygen needed by the body through the bloodstream.

An articulated bed base allows adjusting the angles of the surface reducing the tension on the heart and favoring the blood circulation. Articulated beds allow you to solve specific issues of each person that a traditional bed does not offer.

Sometimes we cannot maintain proper sleeping position on a flat surface, which increases the tension in muscles and joints, reducing the body rest and recovery. The articulated beds allow a personalized support, suitable to different parts of your body such as head, lower back or legs, and feet.

Another benefit of articulated bed bases is their use for people with mobility difficulties or people who have to stay in bed for a long time.

There are models of articulated bed that not only offer horizontal articulation but also allow raising and lowering the bed electrically, facilitating the work of caregivers, for example Dynamic mattress platform articulated HI-LO.

Health Problems That Improve Articulated Beds

Some of the health problems for which the articulated beds can provide temporary or long-term relief are:

  • Lumbar pain
  • Shoulder and neck tension
  • Pain caused by arthritis
  • Asthma or other respiratory problems
  • Acid reflux
  • Swollen feet or legs
  • Neck pain, back pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Lack of joint mobility
  • Heart problems

Other advantages of articulated beds

In addition to the health benefits, articulated beds offer us amenities that a traditional flatbed cannot offer. Who has never lain in bed to read a book, watch TV, or just sit awhile without intending to sleep?

Who has not accumulated, cushions, pillows and other down the back to be upright in bed, adopting incorrect posture also uncomfortable? A good articulated bed base is the solution for all these inconveniences.

Finally remember that not all mattresses are suitable for this type of mattress, for example, the spring is totally prohibited as it would deform.

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Cheap beds in Wigan




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What is a waterbed? A waterbed or floatation mattress is a mattress or bed prepared to go filled with water. There are reports of beds of this type already in the 19th century used for medical therapies. The current design was patented in 1971 and was widely used in the United States between the 80s and 90s, although in Europe it has never become very used.

Manufacture and types of water mattresses

The water beds with rigid sides, hard or also called water mattresses, consist of a mattress containing the water which in turn is inside a rectangular frame of wood that is on a deck of plywood that sits on a platform. In addition to mattress and frame usually, there is a safety cover in case there is a loss of water.

The water mattress with soft sides or water beds, is a mattress containing water that goes inside a continent of sturdy foam and these in turn inside a cover with zipper. They look like conventional beds and fit the bedroom furniture.

Old and current low-cost bed (cheap bed) have a single water chamber. When the mass of water in these mattresses is altered, you can feel quite the movement of the water and need some time to stabilize. Current models use different methods to avoid that ‘wave effect’, interconnected water chambers or mixing air chambers and water.

Usually, the water beds are heated using a thermostat to control the temperature, although the most common is to maintain it at about 30 degrees, close to the temperature of the skin. Vinyl or similar materials are usually used to make them, so they can be repaired with any vinyl repair kit.

Advantages of cheap Water Beds

  1. Comfort: They have the ability to produce a greater sense of relaxing and reduce position changes during the night. Firm mattresses tend to create pressure points along the spine and joints. In water beds, as the prisoner is distributed more evenly, these pressure points do not occur, allowing a better rest. It is one of the reasons why it has been used at different times in a therapeutic way to avoid bedsores (pressure ulcers) and back pain.
  2. Microscopic organisms cannot live inside the mattress. The surface of the waterbed can be cleaned quickly with a cloth. This causes the accumulation of dead skin cells to be less. This cleaner environment is ideal for people with allergies or asthma. Also, the mattress cover can be cleaned with ease.
  3. They have the ability to regulate the temperature to the taste of the user, which gives the sensation of being floating in a warm stream of water. In addition for the sportsmen can be a great option, since being able to give a good temperature to the mattress helps to the muscular relaxation.
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Cheap Beds

The best of the best: the King size bed




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The king size beds arose as a result of the need for furniture, which was required so that two people could sleep in the same place comfortably. It was in the year of 1990 that it officially established itself in the market, offering not only greater comfort for marriages at bedtime, but also thinking of individuals with larger and burly bodies, for whom normal beds did not offer a break suitable.

A cheap king size bed is part of that family of everyday objects that usually surround us in our home, which we simply use without regard to its origins. Since we are born and are accommodated in a crib, we are accustomed to sleeping on a soft and comfortable mattress (some more than others, yes); but these amenities were not always so. From the invention of the first objects categorizable like beds to the last commercial models like the bed’s king size, there is to speak long and lying.

The measure par excellence of this type of furniture is the size of king size beds. This standard has dimensions that occupy the space of two individual beds, resulting in more than a standard double bed.

It is fundamental to think of the location of the bed inside the bedroom. Although, normally, the rooms of marriage leave us few options of placement, since they will have installed the electrical outlets and the switches in a predetermined place, in some houses yes we have some flexibility in the situation of this one.

If we think that our rest area should be as quiet as possible, we will place it preferably in the area of ​​the bedroom farthest from the door and, if possible, in a sheltered place from which it does not look completely fair when entering. In the case of having king size beds, this may be more difficult because of its larger size, although it is also true that whoever acquires one is usually because their space also has adequate dimensions.

Installing king size beds in a bedroom require minimal space. Its usual dimensions are around 200 × 200 cm, although it varies by country. To these measures, we have to add the necessary space for side tables and accesses, which should be at least 60 cm on each side, although 75 cm is the recommended measure to move with maximum comfort.

Today we can find a wide variety of models, ranging from the most baroque and rustic designs to minimalist models that go to the forefront. The different options of manufacture in the market contemplate the possibility of buying or ordering a cheap bed that goes with certain decoration of a house.

On the other hand, king size beds are a very important element because of its size, it is going to be the most important object of the stay and it is convenient to know not to recharge the room with too many elements that overwhelm and compress the space.

Among the benefits of king size beds are finding a convenient support for the spine, especially in people who have tensions and backaches, corrections in the way of breathing causing the decrease of snoring and avoidance that those who have a habit of moving around or spinning while sleeping, fall out of bed.

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Cheap beds Lancashire




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Sofa beds are a very functional choice for small homes. They are reputed to be ugly, uncomfortable and do not exercise either of their two functions well, but fortunately today it is possible to choose between many styles and opening systems. They are ideal for studios of few meters where the living room and bedroom coexist or as a solution for occasional guests.

-Sofa bed for daily use: Surely, it will be located in the living room, so you need to have a very simple opening. The sofa should have a comfortable seating, but also a good spring mattress (fine) to ensure the night rest. Look at the height and depth of the seats, because they are often taller and/or shorter than normal.

-Sofa bed for sporadic use: If your sofa is only occasionally used as a bed to receive guests, consider if you do not prefer to have a self-inflating mattress, which you can store, or place a bed nest in a bedroom. Sometimes it is not worth investing in a good sofa bed, which except some models is usually more expensive than a normal sofa. You may not need a spring mattress, but enough with acceptable foam.

-Sofa bed location: If the sofa-bed is to be located in the living room, it will have to adapt necessarily to the style of this one. Not only should functionality but also esthetics prevail, and the truth is that there are not many styles of sofas adapted to the sofa, so you will be limited in choice. If the sofa bed is going to be in a secondary bedroom, a more functional model without so many concessions to aesthetics can make the paper perfectly. You can also think if it is not better to put a daybed, that piece with back and two arms that can be a bed, but exercises as a sofa when given enough cushions on the back and sides.

-Traditional folding sofa bed (Italian): If you have not seen a traditional sofa bed for some time, you will find that they incorporate novelties: for example, it is not necessary to remove the cushions from the sofa, as they are attached to the bed structure and move with it. They have a lot of weight, so they’ll probably bring it down.

-Futon type sofa bed: It is a cheap piece, with a modern look that fits very well with contemporary environments. When choosing, observe: do not slip when sitting, incorporate cover, and that once the bed is opened, the division of the futon is centered so that two people can sleep comfortably. Many of these sofas are disassembled so that you install them yourself, so pay attention to the instructions and check everything if you finish a piece. They are not as durable as traditional ones, but they can play a good role in young environments where decoration does not need to last for so many years.

-Sofa clic-clac: This model has been imposed by its simplicity and its price to decorate youth environments. This is a very basic sofa bed in which you simply fold the backrest to form a fairly wide bed. They do not usually carry high-quality materials, so you have to look carefully at the mat, the fabric and if it is possible to remove the cover. They are large since the length of the sofa is the length of the bed (1.90 or 2 meters). Some are articulated once converted into a bed. They are suitable for secondary rooms and limited use as a bed.


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Cheap Beds

Buy a Cheap Queen and King Size Beds Leeds




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When we talk about mattresses and beds, size does matter. The measures of the typical double bed of 1.35 cm wide are being replaced by beds with larger measures, being more spacious and therefore, more comfortable. Who does not like to sleep in a large bed and enjoy a pleasant sleep without having the feeling that the bed is small?

The Queen bed is the mattress that follows the traditional matrimonial within the market, with measures of 1.50 meters wide and 2 meters long. It has an extra space 20 centimeters wide, which gives you more space to move around.

A large mattress is ideal for those couples who want to get an optimal rest having a space of their own, people of large composition, for people who tend to move a lot during sleep or even for children to share unforgettable moments with their parents in the same bed without interrupting the rest for the little space.

If you are lucky enough to have a large bedroom and plenty of space, a bed like the Queen Size will be a fantastic choice. Experience the comfort and tranquility in a bed as big and spacious as this, and enjoy a peaceful sleep alone, in pairs and even, accompanied by the children of the house. This type of mattress is ideal for a single who wants to sleep well wide and able to move freely, a couple of thin or normal complexion, and even for parents with a newborn baby.

If we want to go a step further, we find the King Size Bed. They are characterized by their measures 2 meters long by 2 meters wide. Its popularity is increasing because of its comfort. This mattress is ideal for a pair of thick build or for one, which bets on the collection. If in the upbringing of your children you have chosen to practice the collection, this type of mattresses will facilitate the task and will allow you to move and rest all night without any difficulty. In addition, when you grow up you will appreciate having a space to play with them, having a family breakfast and fun on Sundays, or snuggling between you during the stormy nights or after suffering a nightmare.

You have to be careful with the space that we have in the bedroom. Being large beds obviously, take up more space, and can create an unwanted unwelcome room in the room. You have to think about the space for the tables and other decoration accessories that you want to add. So if your room is not very large think about it well before acquiring a bed with the measures of the Queen and even more, of the King. Even so, if your dream is to have one of these, you can rethink the layout of your bedroom and observe all the possibilities offered by the available space. Therefore, it is always necessary to measure the room before buying any furniture. The size of the furniture will always have to go in line with the bedroom, to avoid having to make last minute changes.

If you decide for a cheap King Size bed and you have the necessary space to place it, without reducing space to the rest of the decorative elements of the room, you will get a majestic and imposing bedroom, worthy of a King.


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Cheap Beds

Cheap beds Leicester




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The nest beds or juvenile double beds have become little by little one of our best selling products. And it is a type of furniture versatile, complete and cheap, as well as being especially practical in homes that do not have enough space. If you are considering buying a cheap double bed for your children but do not finish deciding, today we will try to convince you by listing the 6 main benefits of the trundle beds.

  1. They are beds of growth

Among the most outstanding benefits of nesting beds are the fact that their shelf life can be very long since the length of a double bed is standard (190cm) bed and their designs are usually suitable for children’s rooms as well for more adolescent style rooms. This is an investment that can be made as soon as the child leaves the crib around 3 years, with the certainty that the furniture will last well into the adolescence of the child.

  1. Enable better use of space

With a trundle bed, you can make the most of the space available in your children’s room. If you have two children sharing a room, betting on a trundle bed is a great way to sleep together without the beds stealing from the play or study area: you take the bed down at night and in the morning keep it underneath of the main, thus getting two children to sleep in the space of one. From any point of view, it is a great solution.

  1. They are very versatile

The trundle beds not only allow to convert a single room into a double magically, but also convert a game room into a guest room, or provide an auxiliary sofa to any stay that needs it. Many families buy trundle beds to decorate the playroom and have an extra sofa/bed that is used if necessary.

  1. Incorporate storage space

There are models of trundle beds that include additional storage space in addition to the drawer where to place the additional bed; other models allow to use the drawer provided for the lower bed as a storage drawer.

In any case, whether or not you use the lower bed, one of the benefits of having a trundle bed at home is that you can always count on an additional storage space to store toys, dolls, games, books, comics, magazines … always inside the same bed and freeing yourself from boxes and storage baskets scattered on the floor.



  1. Allow creating total looks

One of the great advantages of the trundle beds is that with them you can decorate the whole room of your child with the same style. And is that each style of bed comes with a total look of series, which usually includes shelves, cabinets, and desks. Take a look at all of our nest beds and associated furniture that appear on each of the product listings.

  1. They are very cheap for what they last

Taking into account that the shelf life of a trundle bed can easily be between 10 and 15 years, the fact that none exceeds € 240 (without mattresses) is certainly a very favoring point. Almost all, in fact, are below 200 €.

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Cheap Beds

Cheap beds Liverpool




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In the market, there are many models of cheap sofa beds: 2 or 3 seats, chaise longue, with Italian opening system, clic-clac, sofa beds … The options are so many that it is overwhelming and complicated to know which is the best for you. In this article, we tell you what is the best way to know what sofa bed you need.

Uses of the sofa bed

The sofa bed is a very useful furniture in small houses, to add an additional rest space without subtracting space to the room. Also in the case of holiday homes, where we may need additional places when visiting family or friends.

In addition, they are ideal for multi-purpose guest rooms, where we do not want a bed to remove usable surface when we are not using it. Another extended option is to put a sofa bed in the juvenile dormitories; this way the smallest of the house can receive their friends with total comfort, in addition to having more room in their room for their games.

The use that we are going to give the sofa is something that we must keep in mind when buying it. It is not the same an occasional use as a sofa bed to use every day; in the latter case, we should always choose sofas with a good structure of wood, a quality mattress, and a spring mattress or high-density foam. Otherwise, our back and the quality of our rest could be affected.

Sofa bed size

In addition to the number of seats on the sofa, which will determine the size of the bed when deployed, there are other aspects to consider. Do I need to separate the sofa bed from the wall to unfold it? Should I remove cushions (which I will have to store somewhere) at bedtime?

An exact measurement of the sofa both folded and unfolded before buying it will allow us to check if it fits with the space that we have to place it.

Types of opening of sofa beds

Another big question when choosing sofa bed is what opening system to choose. These are the most widespread, although there are many others (sofa bed trundle, sleeper sofa bunk …)

Sofa bed clic clac

The clic clac sofa bed has a modern look and is ideal for youth environments. Its opening is in book form, lowering the backrest, so we must separate it from the wall to open it.

The disadvantage of this type of sofas is that they are not usually very comfortable: the seat part deforms with use and, when forming the bed, you find that one of the sides is sunken.


Italian sofa bed

Italian sofa beds have an extremely easy opening. The sofa should not be separated from the wall and the cushions in the back or seat should not be removed to make it a bed. In addition, the seat cushions and the sleeping mattress are separate parts, so they will not suffer from fulfilling two functions.

Italian sofa beds are available in many models, colors, and upholstery and we can find them with a different number of seats.

Chaise longue Sofa bed

The chaise longue sofa beds are very suitable for living rooms: by day are a spacious and comfortable sofa, while at night they become a large bed. The seats are unfolded without a chaise longue, either with the Italian system or with a drawer located under the seats.

In addition, the chaise longue part can have a drawer that allows us to keep sheets, pillow, etc.

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